A few new shops are now open for business in Port Alfred: Home & Design Studio, Time 4 Biltong and Tim’s Print & Copy have recently opened their doors for business and I am so excited for them all as they embark on this new adventure.  Before I introduce them let me start with a bit of history…

When we first arrived in Port Alfred over 15 years ago, a gentleman named Eaden Young owned and managed a business in town called Weatherstar.  It was a large building with a small shop front onto the street but it was in the back workshop where the magic happened.  The timber piled high, the smell of sawdust and the sun shine bouncing off the dust particles…My husband who is an excellent cabinet maker and carpenter (if I do say so myself) used to take his blades to Eaden to be sharpened and I guess it was these numerous visits to drop and collect blades that gave me a love for this building.

Over the years I have kept an eye on this particular building wondering what would come of it…(did I mention that I have a love for property and the different facades worn by them over time?)

Open for Business: Home & Design Studio

I had to drop some magazines around the corner from the old Weatherstar Building and it was with great delight that I stumbled across the new Home & Design Studio.  I love the new face of this old building, don’t you?

Open for Business - Home & Design Studio, Port Alfred

The decor has been done beautifully which speak volumes about the owners Tony Pieterse and Chanté Long who are passionate about transforming homes. The furniture and decor items that they stock are simple, well made and well priced.  What more could you want?

Do yourself a favour and pop in to the Home & Design Studio in Campbell Street, Port Alfred…it’s like a breath of fresh air!

“We love creating beautiful spaces for you.”   –  Chanté Long.

Home & Design Studio is a full service home improvement business. Be it a small room refresh or a full gut renovation Home & Design Studio provides a custom design service tailored to your specific needs. 
These services include: renovation, interior décor/decorating, home improvement, custom furniture, homestaging, project management and graphic design. 

Visit them at 35 Campbell Street or contact Chanté on 083 379 3517 or Tony on 072 494 0921.  You can also email them at homeanddesignstudio@gmail.com Don’t forget to check them out on instagram & Facebook.

Open for Business: Time 4 Biltong

And now for another passion of mine…food!

Hein Stombek has recently opened Time 4 Biltong in Rosehill Mall.  Situated right next door to the Super Spar Time 4 Biltong is in the perfect spot to pop in quick and stock up on all your fruit and nuts…and biltong and ice cream and other amazing snacks!

  I was up there the other day (you guessed it, dropping off magazines) and was so impressed by the new decor, cleanliness and wide range of snacks that they had.  If you are anything like me, I battle to come up with ideas for a healthy lunch box for my daughter who is a very picky eater making this more of a challenge.  Well, she was with me when we visited Time 4 Biltong and we could have walked out of there with a whole trailer load full of snacks if she had her way.  Not only do they have a very big selection but the prices seem really reasonable too.

Hein Strombeck from Time 4 Biltong in Port Alfred

I know that the mentality is that eating healthy is expensive but I have come up with a comparison that I do when I am trying to decide between a chocolate and a healthy alternative. Indulge me for a second.

I figure that one chocolate bar, let’s say a Lunch Bar, feeding one person is roughly R10 (let’s keep the maths simple here people) and a pack of dried fruit rolls enough to feed my whole family is R30. I know that the R30 is initially a higher outlay but if I had to buy my family of 4 a Lunch Bar each it would quickly add up to R40. Not only is it cheaper in the long run to buy the fruit rolls but it’s healthier too.

I won’t lie though…sometimes the Lunch Bar wins, especially if I am at the shops alone!  Buy smart, buy healthy!

Visit Time 4 Biltong at Rosehill Mall, next door to Super Spar or call Hein on 066 462 9761.  You can also visit them on Facebook.

Open for Business: Tim’s Print & Copy

On to the last but definitely not the least… Tim’s Print & Copy.

If you are a resident in Port Alfred you would have seen the changes taking place at the Gluckman Centre across the road from Heritage Mall.  Tim Ord recently opened Tim’s Print & Copy on the end of the building next door to DM Radue Optometrists, you can’t miss it with the bright orange signage.

Tim’s Print & Copy offers a wide range of services and products:

  • Computers & Components – New and refurbished PC’s to custom specifications, repairs, new Hard Drives etc.
  • Laptops – Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Proline, Mercer.  New and refurbished.  New Hard Drives, Power Banks etc. Repairs, Screens, Keyboards, batteries and chargers.
  • Printers – New and refurbished.  Ink Cartridges, Ink Tank Bottles and Lasers (original & generic).  Canon, HP, Epson, Brother, Lexmark, Ricoh, Samsung, Xerox Kyocera, Oki.

Tim’s Print & Copy will be offering a variety of specials on several product from next week.  I am definitley popping in to get new cartridges for my printer!

Contact Tim and Kathy on 046 624 2173 or 084 442 9111.