• Specialists in Stress Relief, Weight Control and Natural Healing

St Francis Health Centre is nestled in the beautiful Kleinemonde River Valley in the Eastern Cape Province and is the ideal retreat from the stresses of life.

The Sanctuary at St Francis Health Centre is a sacred space where you will find peace, stillness and silence, providing an opportunity for deep inner reflection.

Our World-Famous Detoxification Programme Will Rejuvenate You.

St Francis Health Centre offers a variety of accommodation all of which are suitable for the typical 6, 10 or 13-day stays. All are available as single or double rooms, except in the Emerald Wing where there are single rooms only.

The recommended minimum stay is 6 days, beginning on a Sunday afternoon, arrival between 3.00 pm and 5.00 pm and ending Saturday after lunch.

Let us help you activate the natural self-healing and balancing powers and processes in your body. Your stay at St Francis Health Centre will bring about these changes through our vision of therapeutic and preventative health measures.

The Health Centre’s staff members are specialists in, and dedicated to, the relief of stress and anxiety, weight control and natural healing. We offer you an opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable experience in a beautiful and tranquil environment.

You will be submersed in surroundings where all you’ll hear is the wind in the trees, singing birds and your laughter. Visit us to relax and enjoy a host of therapeutic treatments (see below) and hydrotherapies that include steam baths and aqua aerobics in our fabulous indoor (heated) and outdoor pools.


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31 reviews
  • Marissa Waters
    Marissa Waters
    3 months ago

    This review is unrelated to the health center but more towards one of your employees. We got stuck just past Olive burn farm with a flat and no spare and Gladman stopped by us in his private car after hours and he went out of his way to help us. We offered him petrol and he didn't want it he helped us out of the kindness of his heart. He is truly a stand-up guy and we have the world's respect for him. Regards Marissa and Brandon Inyala Valley

  • Gary Bolton
    Gary Bolton
    2 years ago

    Great retreat to get away and soul search. Best thing is indoor heated pool.

  • Khanyisa Khanyisa
    Khanyisa Khanyisa
    a year ago

    I am super happy to recommend this place to everybody who wants some days full of calm and peace of mind. Best treatments!!! oh yes very friendly people.

  • Belinda Prince
    Belinda Prince
    5 years ago

    I visit the centre as a day patient - Hanli Rautenbach is an incredible Iridologist, Homeopath and Healer.

  • victoria newton-king

    A real Spa, no frills but serious detox and rejuvenation. You feel like a new person after spending a week at the St Francis Health Centre. The therapists are professional and brilliant. If you are ill or just need to restore your body and mind this is the place to do it. As they say if you service your car once a year why not your body. X